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Get to know the story behind the music with the captivating bio of the indie music artist The Gigglefits. Dive into the journey that shaped their unique sound and style.

The Gigglefits, are an alternative multi genre 3 piece band, currently living in New Hampshire.  Queen Regina Palmer, originally from Oklahoma, is the songwriter, lyricist, and vocalist.

Tony Carlozzi, the guitarist, grew up in Florida, before moving to New England, many years ago.

 Jim Palmer Comfort Drums from New Hampshire Together, they are songwriters with raw heartfelt lyrics, passionate vocals, and guitar, Drums with rhythm music, with an old school gargeband vibe. Our sound is original, & not heavily produced. We are most often  compared to the" White Strips"," Jack White"," Janis Joplin", "Jim Morrison" . 
We write music from very honest, vulnerable, personal perspectives, crafting songs from experiences, engaging stories,  while bringing the excitement of our music to life In our home studio. 

Queen Regina, singing,  Tony playing his guitars and Jim on drums they have found inspiration in each other. We all are so passionate,a and feed off one another.  
Coming into the Indie music scene May, 2019, by 2020,  we were winning awards and getting lots of airplay in the indie world.  We have since been featured in Writeaway  Magazine 5 times, and Lazie Indie Magazine. We have now won many awards for our music. We have accomplished alot in the 4 plus years,  we have been together as "The Gigglefits" .
By January, 2021, we had successfully self produced and self published, 4  full albums, as well as 36  singles.  It was a dream come true just to be creating it, but to finally have our music out on all major platforms, was lifelong accomplishments for both of us.


After a very short time as the Gigglefits, We had composed, recorded, and released their first EP titled: YOU CAN'T STOP THIS.

This first EP was full of learning curves. Hiring the mastering of tracks done by Ron Gerring, we quickly realized that if we were going to release all of the lyrics that Regina had in her briefcase, we'd better come up with a new plan because, both on limited income, that was clearly not going to be affordable on our budgets. We had to learn and figure out how to self-produce, self distribute, and self publish everything ourselves.  We stayed creative,  and we still write  so much music. Expect lots more in 2024.

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