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The Gigglefits are a Alternative multi genre  Dou band from New Durham New Hampshire  Queen Regina vocals, Tony Carlozzi guitars they are songwriters with raw heartfelt lyrics, passionate vocals and music with an old school gargeband vibe and sound they not heavily over produced. They often are compared to the White Strips, Jack White, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison . They write music from a very honest and personal perspective, crafting engaging stories and developed melodies while bringing the excitement of their music to life In the studio Queen Regina singing and Tony playing his guitars. They have found inspiration in eachother as they feed off one another you could say they are musical soulmates. They have been featured in Writeaway  Magazine 5 times, and Lazie Indie Magazine and They have won many awards for their music. They have accomplished alot in the 29 months they have been together 4 albums and a bunch of singles out on all major platforms

We are 2 passionate musicians that came together in May, 2019 to collaborate.


After a very short time as the Gigglefits, They had composed, recorded, and released their first EP titled: YOU CAN'T STOP THIS.

This first EP was full of learning curves. Hiring the mastering of tracks done by Ron Gerring, they quickly realized that if they were going to release all of the lyrics that Regina had in her briefcase they'd better come up with a new plan because both on limited income, that was clearly not going to be affordable on their budgets to produce so much music.

So they took crash courses on production and mastering tracks. Just 4 months after that first debut EP release, They recorded, Produced, mastered and released a second full debut album titled; BEEN THERE DONE THAT.

Learning to do it all as they grew. from ASCAP registration to distribution through, these two have not slowed one bit in the daily grind to keep plugging away at the goal.

With all of this learning, growing, sharing, and being happy making music, they would practice in daily music sessions that was much more than just composing music for Regina's many written lyrics. They began adding #improvisation sessions to their routine. They've written some of their best songs born of spontaneous outbursts of the feelings or moods of the things going on around them in the world and in their daily lives. This approach to creating, music is quickly becoming a signature branding to this duo couples band.

They are currently working on releasing a third album Titled: IMPROVISATION THERAPY SESSIONS, and a Christmas EP titled; CHRISTMAS IS THE GIFT. Along with countless single releases and these two are still plugging away to get more done before 2020 ends.

With a very special thanks to our supporters, fans, family. We began our quest saying we had a very serious case of music fever, writers cough and and a contagious virus called Music. We hoped it would spread virally to bring our listeners and fans an infectious listening experience. #GigglefitsAreContageous .So far it has been very well received and we have been awarded many Songwriting certificates from various radio stations and entities. Including BEST NEW ALBUM 2020 for "Been There Done That" from Dory's Indie World, & Rockin Round the clock Radio as well as endorsements from Chris Spierer, Space Angel Music Co. many of our song hit Dory's charts including # 1 spots for 2 of our cover songs. Indie Flight Radio hour for BEST NEW ALBUM 2020. Indie Power Radio awarded best song March 2020 for "DON'T BE NAIVE" AND BEST ALTERNATIVE ROCK ALBUM 2020, (BEEN THERE DONE THAT)

Thank you to every DJ out there in radio land giving our music spins. Too many to list. But we love you each.

Recently we were honored to join and Mixstream Radio and are doing very well in the charts there. Thank you to all of the amazing DJ's for airing our music. These things compile into a very big deal to the Indie Community.

Also special thanks to Keys Dan, the host of WHAT MAKES YOU FAMOUS, for our first live podcast.

Russell Foisy, Original Lyrics Dream, for the second podcast,.

Jane Shields, Write Away Magazine, for 3 featured articles.

2020 has been trying, but a very big blessing simultaneously. We've made some serious waves in the Indie pool. Planning more of the same. Keeping it raw, real, and relative to real life, and the human and spiritual experiences in life. Music is life.

As a young band, now in our 18th month. We have done quiet well. We started our own record label, GIGGLEHITS PRODUCTIONS, so we can mass produce our own music. And... and are also dedicated to supporting other Indie Musicians with our own Indie Showcase and Radio shows, becoming passionate DJ's as well. More to follow. We plan to stay around for a very long time and continue to create timeless music that will live forever. Dedicated and determined. Working hard daily pays off. So they say... lol Cheers Everyone.

Election behind us and 2020 Holiday Season here, we wish you all Happy Holidays. Ya'll stay safe.

The Gigglefits,

Tony Carlozzi, Queen Regina Palmer.

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